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Established by State Legislature of Government of Tripura by Act No 03 of 2023

Recognised Under Section 2(f) of UGC Act, 1956.

The Anti-Ragging Squad

Ragging, a form of bullying and harassment in educational institutions, has long been a concern that jeopardizes the well-being and growth of students. Recognizing the significance of maintaining a safe and inclusive learning environment, Aryavart International University has implemented a robust Anti-Ragging Squad to address and prevent ragging incidents on campus. Ragging, in any shape or form, is strictly prohibited at our institution. We firmly believe that every student has the right to pursue their education without fear or intimidation. The Anti-Ragging Squad is to address any complaints related to ragging promptly and effectively.

Preventive Measures and Anti-Ragging Policies:

Aryavart International University has implemented a comprehensive set of anti-ragging policies and guidelines that are strictly enforced by the Anti-Ragging Squad. These policies include:

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