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Ph.D. Introduction

Universities are hotspots for exploration, invention, and knowledge creation. The Research and Development Cell was established at AIU with an end to strengthen and support exploration in Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology, Social Science and Humanities, Commerce and Management, Library and Information Science, Journalism and Mass Communication, Agriculture, Hotel Management, Yoga and Naturopathy, etc. with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary exploration and invention by fostering well- equipped labs and cultivating a strong culture of inter-and intra-institution exploration collaborations.
Aryavart's Research Development Cell offers its scholars a dynamic and highly visible research environment with the goal of fostering a leadership culture inside the university. The cell supports a wide range of academic pursuits, including basic research, applied research, and development contract research for federal, state, local, and international organisations.
The faculty members of Aryavart International University are encouraged to do research, develop new ideas, and provide consulting services both internally and in conjunction with external organisations. Appropriate research and consulting initiatives assist the organisation and the faculty members in a number of ways while also supplying the industry with much- needed services. Projects in research and consulting offer first-hand understanding of the issues facing industry today. The faculty members are given the chance to put their theories into practise in order to identify difficulties in new fields and discover answers. Additionally, the consulting work offers rewards for their efforts to all stakeholders.
Based on the number of available research Supervisors, the University predetermines the number of doctorate candidates who can be admitted to the programme. The University strives to uphold high research standards, and in order to do so, AIU selects Ph.D. candidates using a set of criteria that are outlined in the University Grants Commission (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of Ph.D. Degrees) Regulations, and that are followed by universities nationwide.
Aryavart International University campuses hold admissions for their Ph.D. programmes twice a year, in April and October. There are two options for PhD programmes: full-time and part-time, but not via distance learning. As a result, completing coursework, taking part in numerous interactions, submitting progress reports via presentations, etc. on a regular basis are all required for the programme. A candidate is referred to as a full-time Ph.D. scholar if they are dedicating their full time to finishing the program's requirements, while a candidate is referred to as a part-time Ph.D. scholar if they are dedicating some of their time to the programme while also attending to their official or employment responsibilities.
Ph.D. programmes must be pursued full-time for at least three years and part-time for at least four. The maximum time limit for both categories is six years.
Part-time candidates should make sure their workplace has the necessary infrastructure in place and adequate facilities for conducting research. Additionally, it will be necessary for you to have a Co-guide from your place of origin. However, an external co-guide won't be hired unless the University has approved his or her profile.
Aryavart promotes interdisciplinary study and the sharing of information in a variety of connected subjects. As a result, according to university regulations, scholars may select a Co- Guide from outside the university. During the Ph.D. programme, the scholar's primary supervisor will come from AIU and will be chosen based on the topic of their research and the experts' availability. Ph.D. full-time enthusiasts have the opportunity to serve as research fellows in the university's many prestigious ongoing research programmes.


  • The University routinely hosts conferences and workshops at the national and international levels.
  • The University publishes 19 international research journals regularly in engineering, pharmacy, management and commerce, science and technology, social science and humanities, law, medical science, covering all disciplines.


  • Conduct unconventional and multidisciplinary research.
  • Ensuring the participation of our students in the research processes as well as the combination of teaching and research.
  • Create strategic partnerships on a global scale.
  • Plan lectures, panels, and seminars to spread awareness about various projects.
  • Collaborate with different organisations on a local and international level.

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